Caregiving at a Distance: Social Monitoring?

What if there were a way to use social media to help with the challenge of caregiving at a distance for people with long-term care or aging issues?

We're seeing two very interesting technological trends involving the elderly ...

1) Remote monitoring of safety and health using sensors, wireless networks and cell phones

Remote Health Care: Body Parts Make Phone Calls - BusinessWeek 

2) The rise in the use of social media among older adults;

Fastest Growing Demographic on Facebook: Women Over 55  

... and wondering if there isn't a way to combine them?  What if we developed applications (or extensions to existing social media platforms) that made it easier for caregivers, friends, and at-home seniors themselves to help monitor the welfare of individuals within a virtual social community?  Call it "social monitoring" ... it might be the virtual village's answer to the way that neighbors, friends, relatives, and the delivery guy in a small town often keep track of  house-bound individuals and report on their welfare to responsible family members.

What features would need to be added?  Perhaps a way for other members of the social community to know and contact the primary caregivers.  And/or a way for caregivers to get alerts if the volume or tenor of the conversation changes.

Encouraging participation in various kinds of social media, despite challenges with the technology for some older adults, might be a win-win for caregivers.