City Year Versus Rain, Round 1

This past Saturday, December 5th, marked one of our first major events of the year: E.A.S.T. Harlem, a Financial Planning and Career Festival. The highlights of the event included panel discussions and workshops with local organization, a day of fun kid's programming, and the opportunity for the Harlem community to learn about the important resources available for them to take advantage of. A month and a half of preperation went into the event, and from an on-the-floor perspective it went off quite well.

Except for the weather. 30 degrees and snow mixed with rain, all day long.

Sigh. No matter! The City Year mentality held fast and strong, and our awesome External Affairs team would not be detered by the chance of catching pneumonia. Tirelessly walking the streets, the brave members of Ex Affairs still managed to pull in a respectable crowd for the event. In reflection, while the day may have been a disapointment in terms of turn-out, the planning and orchestration of the event was a great success due to the hard work of the Harlem corps. Let's hope the next one has better luck with Mother Nature.