One should always remember the ramifications of their word.

This has been the thought taking up most of my spare mental powers today. For me, taking on a commitment is a rather huge responsibility. It says that I hold myself accountable to my honor. If I accept a job, I in turn accept all that comes with that job, the good with the bad. I also acknowledge that yes, sometimes there will be incredibly rough days. There will be moments where the prospect of letting that obligation go will seem to be a very tempting idea.

Something has to anchor you for this temptation to pass. From the beginning of this year, we have been repeatedly reminded that this service is less about us and more about the people we work with. To put that into personal perspective, that means that my time here is not about my 70 hour work weeks and the skills I pick up from them, but about how in those 70 hours I impact the lives of over 300 students at my two schools.

To me, that's quite a commitment. It both makes the responsibility of doing this job more daunting, but at the same time makes the time feel more manageable because, frankly, I have very little excuse to leave. Do I miss home? You betcha, more than I expected. Do I love being in NYC? Not at all. But those complaints seem superfluous when stacked against the fact that if I don't do this job, if I don't give this time to the improvement of this school and this program, then who will?