Good Morning, City Year!

Many people have worked many long hours to bring us to where we are on September 1st, 2009, and this thought encourages the Senior Corps as they end their first meeting at eight forty-five, breaking to prep for the day ahead.

Other people begin to arrive, the new Corps Members, some in groups and some alone. They are easy to distinguish from the Senior Corps as they have not received their uniforms yet, but even at this moment everyone there shares one thing: no one knows exactly what's about to happen.

The Senior Corps take positions in the theater. The doors open, and the family pours in. It could be a logistical nightmare but no one lets that happen. Instead, the Senior Corps gets right to work, organizing teams and getting to know the fresh ten faces that they will leading for the next week of training. 

It's a little chaotic as any group of this size can be, but then something happens - a Staff member walks on to the stage and holds one hand high in the air. The Senior Corps follow suit, raising their hands and ceasing their conversations...and one by one the Corps Members do the same.

Quiet falls over the room as the Staff member lowers their hand and greets them: "Good morning, City Year!" Then, in a united voice that is louder and more thrilling than any many of them have ever heard, the response follows:

"Good morning, New York!"

"How you feeling?"


And it starts.