It always feels like failure in the middle.

I remember loving this job. When I started the summer with the Senior Corps training, I was constantly inspired by this incredibly capable group. There's not a member of the Senior Corps that I don't respect and care deeply about. They are truly the cream of the crop. However, as I've been working in our school for the past two months, I've felt the energy and enthusiasm I started this year with slip away.

The root of my sadness comes from the seemingly constant internal struggles of my team. There seems to be no middle ground in terms of mentality - it's either positive or negative, optimistic or cynical. My own fault in this is that I allow the bad attitudes of the few to affect my mood and my interactions with the team as a whole.

How do I fix this? Why do I keep letting our successes be overshadowed by the small frustrations of the day? Why, above all, am I dealing with more internal issues than the challenges of the school? I feel like my time is being wasted trying to coach and lead those who push back against being led. While I know that I have to try different approaches and strategies for different individuals, I feel like very little is being done by those same people to meet my own style.

To sum up: why do I feel like the Boss from The Office? Why do I not like this job anymore? I need some inspiration, badly, otherwise I'm going to be horrible at this and six more months will be unbearable. I know that I am a good Team Leader. For those that already follow me, I'm very grateful and honored for their trust. How do I become an effective Team Leader for those who don't trust me yet? How do I get back to loving what I do?