Post-Turkey Day Blues

One of the unforseen consequences of coming home for the holidays is the harsh reality that on Monday morning I have to fly back to NY and jump back in the trenches. Before leaving to begin City Year all the way back in July, I was looking forward to moving to NY with a passion. Over the course of a year I had been planning for this move, dreaming and stressing and waiting for it. I built up in my imagination the ideal city that none, even the Big Apple, could live up to.

Then I arrived and was forced to come to terms with the fact that New York was just...a city. I have yet to experience the magic moment when the energy and pace of the place clicks with my inner psyche and I feel right at home. It just hasn't happened, nor do I expect it to. Does this mean New York is bad? Absolutely not. New York City is amazing. The variety of cultures, opportunities, and experiences is stunning. However, even excellent cities are still simply a collection of large buildings and tons of people, and not every corner is particuliarly welcome.

I suppose that my ten years in theatre have made it very hard to be blinded by big city lights anymore. Perhaps my wandering nature is just aching for a change of scenery. It's good to be able to return to something that feels just right: my family, my friends, and the few hangouts that are still holding on in poor old High Point.

This reluctance to return to my job with City Year is part of the reason I wanted to start this blog. There are many topics we go over during training, including the difficulty of completing the year. However, from my perspective, there were very few specifics brought up as to why the year would be difficult. Returning home with the expectation of having to leave again is one of them. While I know that this problem is not exclusive to our program, I do feel like this is something that should be shared.

Thoughts? Please respond if so. I look forward to what you have to share. Thanks for reading.