In a week or so, I'm going home to NC for the holidays. I've never been more excited for a break than I am now. My girlfriend is coming down, my best friends will be home, and I'll have ten days of limited responsibility. I can't wait!

This trouble me, though. Coming home from the Thanksgiving break was very tough. Being away from home has made me appreciate it so much more. I'm also finally starting to realize why retention is so difficult for City Year - the difficulty of this job cannot be understated. So, if a four day break was difficult to let go of, how on Earth am I going to spring back from a week and a half?

So, I'm hunkering down over this week to focus on our team potential. We only have 94 actual days of service in the school remaining. That seems like so little now and I have a feeling that June is going to rush up to meet me as soon as January starts. My greatest fear is that I'm going to look back in June to discover far too many missed opportunities and promises of 'I'll get to that when I can.' I don't want to feel like a moment of this semester is wasted when it's all said and done. 

What do we want to accomplish before this year is over? What do we have left to do? What legacy do we want the team starting ten months from now to inherit? What is our team potential and how can we meet it? Those are the thoughts that are going to get me back into my red's on January 4th. Those are the reasons I'm going to come back swinging. 

94 days. Gotta make them count.