Snow Day!

Hello! It's been a while since I've posted. A quick recap of the month of January. After returning from an all too short vacation, our team reconvened on January 4th to start the year off strong. Many of the troubling issues that we faced in December - low morale, lack of focus, and frequent absences - have been improved upon significantly. I must thank my team for their renewed effort to be positive and idealistic as we continue our service at PS 112/206 through June - only 128 days to go!

So, being from NC, we don't often get snow, but when we do EVERYTHING shuts down. NYC is another story. There are waves of people on deck to clear the streets at the slightest suggestion of snow. There is even a phone line you can call to get a temp job shoveling off sidewalks! This amazes me. However, yesterday, apparently NYC stared in the face of an oncoming blizzard and blinked. As of noon yesterday, schools were closed for today, leading to a general euphoria amongst students and teachers alike.

However, other places remained open, including the Food Pantry that City Year Harlem sends volunteers to every week. So, at 2:00 I put on my winter gear and trudged out to the Food Pantry, certain that a blizzard would not keep the Pantry from being open, and open it was! Together with my excellent partner Luis, we manned the store room from 3:00 to 4:00... and not a soul dropped by to get their groceries. Sigh.

Enjoy your snow day, everyone!