Find Your Posts

There are several things that can effect where your posts show up:

If you are using the e-mail to post option ( your post might not have arrived, e-mail is checked only every hour.  Click here to check now.

If you are using search, the search index for posts is only ckeced every hour, Click here to update the search index now.


At the very bottom of the Add Blog form in the section Publishing options is a check box for Published.  Un-Published content is not added to any menus / searches / or page lists (like your blog, or story lines).
All content has the published check box checked by default, but if you have to stop before your done with a post and want to save, you can uncheck it.

un-published content can still be seen by anyone (assuming you haven't made it sensitive or secret, so you can still send someone a direct link to your post to preview it.

To find your un-published posts you can look in the Global Post Tracker Or your own Personal Post Tracker. Or do a special search for unpublished posts, sorry Search won't turn up un-published posts.


 In the Vocabularies section is a field called Privacy with the option sensitive and secret.
Sensitive is only viewable by users who are logged in, so the world at large will not see those posts. (an you won't see them either if you are not logged in)
Secret is only viewable by yourself, and editors. (you can use this like un-published but even more hidden.)

To find your Private posts you need to log in to an account with the right permissions.
Search will find your Private posts, but only when you are logged in.

Include in Story Line:

Near the end of a create blog page you will see a check box labeled Include in Story Line. It is always checked by default, but sometimes when your rolling up your story, you might want to remove some irrelevant or redundant posts. You can uncheck this, or use the editor tools in the story line view to do it automatically.

Oops I removed a post but now I can't find it:

the Include in Story Line only option hides your post from the story line view, so it's still there in your blog and search.

you can also use this search for posts removed from story lines.