Americans for the Arts, Seattle, 2009

First morning

 In LONG registration line for Americans for the Arts convention. Bill Ives speaking in 20 mind. #afta09

Conference Opening Session

Suquamish Canoe Family

 AFTA opens with performance by Suquamish Canoe Family - songs inspired by annual intertribal canoe journey #afta09 144 days ago

Mayor of Seattle

 Mayor of Seattle, new head Conference of Mayors announces partnership with AFTA and work for a National Summit on the Arts #afta09 144 days ago

Conference of Mayors

 Conference of Mayors made 3 resolutions around major commitment to the arts - including call for Cabinet position #afta09

New thinking on culture impact

 Challenge to break through conventional thinking about impact of culture. "How arts sustain communities." #afta09 

Bill Ivey

 The great Bill Ivey talking on arts, industry and sustainability - check his 2008 book, Arts Inc. #afta09

Ivey's Challenge

 Challenge of rising to meet opportunities of Obama's reshaping democracy to align with 21st century

Ivey & White House

 Tales from the Obama Transition: arts & culture fared pretty well. Argued for instrumental connections of WH with cultural issues #afta09

Arts Corps

 Ivey hopeful on advice being taken seriously. But have to keep pressing campaign goals - including ArtsCorp. #afta09

Ivey: breakthrough thinking

 Need bk thgh conventional wisdom on the arts. Success in getting $50million for Stimulus at last minute. 

Ivey: NEA & Stimulus

 Stimulus money at NEA first time agency connected with non-specifically arts policy. A good beginning. "let's not waste this crisis" #afta09