Add a Post

A post is one entry in a larger story. There are two ways to add a new post:

  • Click "Add Post" on the gray menu bar at the top of the screen. This post will be added to the story in chronological order, at the end.
  • Or, from inside a story, you can click the [+] next to any post, and then select either "Insert new post before" or "Insert new post after." You can use this feature to insert posts out of chronological order.

Either of these actions will open the "create blog entry" form that you'll use to add a new post.

The first thing you'll see in the "create blog entry" form is an area called Vocabularies. For our purposes, vocabulary is the same thing as organization. You'll use the fields in this box to where your post is displayed, and how it can be found.


In the drop-down list, select which story you would like your post to apply to. If you would like to create a post for a new story, you must first add the new story (see "How to Add a Story"), and then return to the "add post" form.


Add any tags you feel would apply to your post specifically, separating multiple tags with commas. Tags are keywords that help identify the core people, places, events, activities, ideas and emotions in your post. Tags also allow your post to be found again by browsing or searching. Examples of tags are: teaching, special-needs children, photography. Tags are not case-sensitive.  Use "Quotes for multi word tags"

You can also choose to add tags already being used in Story Capture by clicking on them in the "Add popular tags" list. If there is an existing tag that is the same as, or very similar to, a tag that you have in mind, then it is better to use the existing tag. To add one of the popular tags click the green + to the right of that tag.

When you start typing the site will start searching for any tags that match and a list will apear, you can click any of the works in the list to fill out the tags box for you. (Again, it's best to reuse tags.)

The Tags that have already been added to the post appear in a list above the text entry form.  To remove a tag, click the red x to the right of that tag.


Stories can be very personal, and/or may contain sensitive information that you would like hidden to all but a select group of viewers. Select "sensitive" from the privacy drop-down if this is the case. Sensitive posts are visible only to Story Capture registered users, authors and editors. If you would like further security, you can select "secret" from the drop-down list. Secret posts are visible only to their authors and editors.

Writing your Post

Now you're ready to write your post! Give it a compelling title, and compose your post in the Body field. You can write your post as plain-text or rich-text, for more formatting options.

If you need to use HTML tags in your post, select "Full HTML" under "Input Format."

Media: images / video / audio

To make your post compelling, add media like images and videos.  We recomend one video, or one (or just a few) images.  If you have video and images, or many images, consider breaking them up into a few posts.
If you have a lot of images that are all really about the same thing, then it might be best to make them a slideshow.   It's good to keep a balance of text and images.

Other Options

There are a log of additional options you can select, you can read more about these options by clicking on them in the list at the bottom of the form.

Some of the most used include:

  • Adding a list of Links.
    • You can add URL's in the body of your post, but if your post refers to or is taken from some outside source on the web you can add a reference here, and a standard format list will be generated.  Links here can be included in footnotes including the full url for print version when you are publishing your story later.   It might be a good idea to include any links that you use in the body here as well if you want them to stay with your posts in print form.
    • There is also a tool that helps you make links to other posts on, start typing in the text field and it will automatically look up any post titles that match what you are typing, click on the title in the list to add a link to that post.
  • File Attachments
    • If you have a document other than web-friendly images, video, or audio, you can upload it here.
    • Examples of files you might want to attach are PDF files, print-resolution images, or excel documents.
    • While we recommend hosting video at a site like YouTube or Vimeo (for better visibilty, and great streaming service), you can also upload a video or other media here, and then use the URL it in the special media field above.
  • Include in Story Line
    • By default, your post will appear in the story line of the story under which it was created. You can remove it, however, by unchecking "include in story line." You'll still be able to see the post by clicking on your name under "Story Posts," and you can always re-include your post in the story line.
  • Publishing options
    • If your still working on your post, and need to stop and finish it later, you can uncheck "publish."  To find your unpublished posts you will need to look under My account : Track where you can see all your posts, published or not.