Add a Story

Stories are what Story Capture is all about. For our purposes, a story is made up of multiple posts, or entries, that can include photos, video, and audio, in addition to text (see "How to Add a Post" for more information.) To begin telling a new story, click "Add Story" on the gray menu bar next to the Story Capture logo.

A form entitled "Add term to Stories" will open. In this case, a "term" is the name of the story you want to tell. Under "Term name," enter the name or title of your story. Don't worry about thinking of the perfect title right away -- you can always edit it later.

Under "Description," enter a brief description of the story: a simple statement about the who, what, where, when, and why of your story. You can always modify this as time goes on, as your story unfolds and evolves.

If you wish, you can associate an image with your story. Under "term image," you can either upload a file from your computer, or enter a link to an existing online image.

Finally, click "save" to enter your new story to the list.