Coming up with a concept

International Actors & Directors Workshop, Seoularts 2009

The exhibition has three different elements: 1) Photographic prints, 2) Photographs and videos displayed across 8 HD monitors, and 3) a combination of translucent prints and video projection. My role is to be the video designer of both 2) and 3).

The goal is to inaugurate a new Art and Technology building at Seoul Institute of the Arts, in S Korea, and to showcase the multi-layered analog photography of Janet Sternburg.

Faced with an interesting tension between the desire for technology from SIA, and the desire for analog from the artist, I've proposed that we explore a theme of 'ghosts'.

Janet's images play with confusion of place and perspective and often have partially hidden or transparent figures placed artfully within the composition of the image.  Pursuing this theme, I propose that we found ways to 'embed' video shot around the campus of SIA into Janet's images, further extending the complexity of place.