Insert Commentary

Do you have some text that you want to add to your storyline that doesn't quite constitute a "post?" Maybe it's a little blurb to set up the next post, or bridge the gap between two posts, or maybe it's an addendum or an afterward. In any of these cases, inserting commentary is what you want to do.

It is important to note that commentary is NOT the same thing as a comment. Commentary is text that is part of a story line, whereas a comment pertains to an isolated post. Commentary is only visible in story view, and comments are only available in blog view, or when looking at isolated posts.

To add commentary within a storyline, click the [+] to the right of the post where you want your text to appear. You can choose to insert commentary before or after a post.


Although you are required to enter a title for your commentary, it will not appear in the story line -- it's just for reference and is only visible when editing or deleting your commentary.

Include in Story Line

You can uncheck include in story line if you'd like to remove your commentary from the story line. If you want to re-insert the commentary later, you can access it under All posts (tracker).


Select the story from the pull-down that you would like the commentary to appear in.


Add any tags (keywords) you feel are applicable to your commentary. You can apply existing tags by clicking on the green + next to the tags that appear under "Add popular tags."


Stories can be very personal, and/or may contain sensitive information that you would like hidden to all but a select group of viewers. Select "sensitive" from the privacy drop-down if this is the case. Sensitive posts are visible only to Story Capture registered users, authors and editors. If you would like further security, you can select "secret" from the drop-down list. Secret posts are visible only to their authors and editors.

Writing your Commentary

You can now compose your commentary in the Body field. You can write your post as plain-text or rich-text, for more formatting options.

If you need to use HTML tags in your post, select "Full HTML" under "Input Format."

Other Options

There are a log of additional options you can select, you can read more about these options by clicking on them in the list at the bottom of the form.

Some of the most used include:

  • File Attachments
    • If you have a document other than web-friendly images, video, or audio, you can upload it here.
    • Examples of files you might want to attach are PDF files, print-resolution images, or excel documents.
    • While we recommend hosting video at a site like YouTube or Vimeo (for better visibilty, and great streaming service), you can also upload a video or other media here, and then use the URL it in the special media field above.
  • Publishing options
    • If your still working on your commentary, and need to stop and finish it later, you can uncheck "publish."  To find your unpublished commentary you will need to look under My account : Track where you can see all your posts and commentary, published or not.