2nd Concept: Multiple Monitors

A look at the first ARRA (Recovery Stimulus) project funded in the U.S., and a talk with a few of the people whose jobs were rescued.


I traveled to Seoul in March and started discussions and testing in the space.

Because of the large amount of ambient daylight in the space, it turned out to be impractical to use projectors. A lot of ideas were discussed and rejected.

Finally, the team at the Seoul Institute for the Arts came forward with a fairly straightforward concept consisting of a series of 8 flat screen monitors.

I wrote software patches using Jitter that could run 8 HD monitors from just two synced computers. I went with Apple Mac Pros, each with two NVIDEA 9800 GT graphics cards, synched through an ethernet switch. The monitors were lent to us by LG. The videos were rendered out in Pro Res 4:2:2 at 1280 x 720.