Day and Night

Seoul: Fertile Confusion

The story of a cross-discipline cross-cultural journey ... a digital installation of Janet Sternburg's analog photography at the Seoul Institute of the Arts in Korea.

I designed the other section of the Fertile Confusion exhibition at Seoul Institute of the Arts to try and take advantage of the many large windows that characterize the architectural design of the new building.  These windows are a source of natural light that had initially proved an insurmountable problem with regards to video projection. 

However, it occurred to me that I should try to work with this light instead of against it, so I proposed evolving the glass facade of the building into a huge lightbox, by adhering translucent prints on the inside of the glass.  The basic idea was that sunlight would illuminate the photographs during the day, and then after dark, I would use video projections to illuminate the prints from inside, creating new collage images by combining different elements of photography and video and lighting up the building to be viewed from outside for quite some distance.

After some research, the best material I found for this was a product called 'Sheer Vision', made by Duggal in New York. However, we had to use materials made in S Korea, so some Seoul-based printers did their best to replicate the effect that I wanted. In fact, if budget had allowed us to cover the exterior of the glass in diffusion, as I requested, then I think we would have got an amazing look.  As it was, without the diffusion, the projector bulbs created hotspots, however, it was still a very satisfying effect to create.