Americans for the Arts, Seattle, 2009

A personal, informal account on the 2009 annual conference of Americans for the Arts

First morning

 In LONG registration line for Americans for the Arts convention. Bill Ives speaking in 20 mind. #afta09

Conference Opening Session

Suquamish Canoe Family

 AFTA opens with performance by Suquamish Canoe Family - songs inspired by annual intertribal canoe journey #afta09 144 days ago

Mayor of Seattle

 Mayor of Seattle, new head Conference of Mayors announces partnership with AFTA and work for a National Summit on the Arts #afta09 144 days ago

Ottum Award

 Victoria Hamilton head of San Diego Arts Commission gets Ottum Award for arts management #afta09 

AFTA & White House

 AFTA looking to partner with White House on and Stimulus; with State dept for cultural diplomacy #afta09

NAPR: Civic Engagement

Some Definitions

 Civic Engagement focus (experienced funders and gps, such as Charlotte arts gp + Animating Democracy) #afta09 

NAPR: Animating Democracy

 Animating Democracy brings arts perspective on specific civic issues. Builds new networks & social capital. Alternative civic space. #afta09

Insinuating Creativity into Government

 Bill Cleveland: Practice of Democracy. Keep practice/theory/policy together. To insinuate creativity into government? Examples? #afta09 

Pew: Theory and Practice

 Marion Godfrey: so how knit theory & practice? Vital for impact policy. And stories are essential part of this #afta09

Stories and statistics

 Aggregate enough stories and you get statistics! Bloomberg recently: "In God We Trust. But everyone else bring data" #afta09 

Be Prepared: the Arts Are Different

 Andy Witt reminds us how to remind civic partners that arts answers will be different and may not be "nice" or what they expect. #afta09