Delete a Post

To delete a post, you must first be in the "Edit" view for the post. (You can access the "edit" view of a post by clicking on the title of the post, and then clicking on the "Edit" tab. )

Scroll down to the bottom of the edit window, and simply click the "delete" button to delete your post permanently.

Add a Post

A post is one entry in a larger story. There are two ways to add a new post:

  • Click "Add Post" on the gray menu bar at the top of the screen. This post will be added to the story in chronological order, at the end.
  • Or, from inside a story, you can click the [+] next to any post, and then select either "Insert new post before" or "Insert new post after." You can use this feature to insert posts out of chronological order.

Either of these actions will open the "create blog entry" form that you'll use to add a new post.

The first thing you'll see in the "create blog entry" form is an area called Vocabularies. For our purposes, vocabulary is the same thing as organization. You'll use the fields in this box to where your post is displayed, and how it can be found.