Recording Great Audio: How to do it

Do you have all the equipment you'll need to record your audio? If not, consult the previous article, "Recording Great Audio: What you'll need." If so, great! Here's a list of tips and best practices for recording great audio in the field.

Note: this text is adapted from CNN's iReport toolkit series of "How To" articles.

Recording Great Audio: What you'll need

Sometimes, a person's story is best told in their own voice, in their own words. Nothing makes a story as immediate is hearing the voices of the people at its core, and the sounds of the environment where it is taking place. Personal interviews and other audio documentation are a valuable tool in any documentarian's arsenal. We'll now talk through the equipment you'll need to be able to do high-quality audio field recording. Don't be intimidated!! There are options for any budget, even no budget.

Note: much of this text is excerpted from Andy Kolovos' excellent Digital Audio Field Recording Equipment Guide at the Vermont Folklife Center's website: